Papers from previous classes- more to come soon. Use freely but give credit.


Informative Speech_ Mob Mentality 2018

Biography Assignments

Copy of John Stuart Mill 2019

Book Reports/Essays

Romeo and Juliet Final Paper 2017

American Studies

Copy of MN State and Local Government 2019

Sherman Alexie Interview Questions 2017

’30 Days’ Questions

American Studies Chapter 1 Learning Objectives 2017

French and Indian War 2017

“Trampling Out the Vintage” study questions: The Grapes of Wrath, Steinbeck

Jackson Essay 2017

Civil Rights Movement _Bus Tour 2017

FDR Administration DBQ 2018

DBQ_ Immigration Debate (1880-1925) 2017

Memo to Eisenhower 2017

Newsletter: Nixon Resigns 2017

Assimilation Through Education


French Q 3_4 Projet


Will It Work in a Vacuum? Candle 2018

Geochemist WANTED poster 2018

Nuclear Fission as a Power Source 2019