a bumpy road ahead

writing is really just about smoothing out the bumps.

as I’ve said before, there are a lot that make a piece of writing and it is often like clay in the hands of a potter.

a piece of work, regardless of material, is going to look smoother and more finished with practice. an amateur’s finished product can show beauty, it can show the work that the creator put into it, but will still crack in the oven. will still crumble because of the uneven protectant.

when I began to sketch, you could see the effort regardless of a piece’s beauty. you could see how many times I would erase and redraw. while I’ve been told never to backspace when writing, that every idea is valuable, there are about nineteen different versions of every finished piece I’ve written.

so while one is reading along a piece, they will feel the metaphorical stutter in an amateur writer’s speaking.

I hate the sound of my voice when it shakes. I used to completely lack poise when speaking in front of crowds. lucky for me, I thought, that I could write instead. I met one of my best friends four years ago who also happened to be a beginning writer, and I faltered, realizing that a nervous quiver in a typed sentence is just as evident as one audible. social scientists will say that communications over texting, instant messaging, and other forms are unclear because there is no tone involved. I would say this is true for a different reason. in writing, a tremor is a complete trip up for a reader.

Image result for when you find a typo in a bookx


a reader has expectations, much like a passenger in a car, as Stedman explains. if something feels out of place, it will interrupt a reader’s experience. while this may be what the author is going for in some cases, a source jumping out of nowhere is never enjoyable.

(judge me for using a 2010 tumblr meme. it’s still relevant.)



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