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The year is 2090. Emmett James Cheney has left our known realm to ascend to his astral form. While the police rummaging his apartment discovered hundreds of unpublished poems, his internet followers are scratching their heads wondering where the heck he went.

My digital footprint would not encompass much and not leave a whole lot open to interpretation about my life. The only social media I am active on includes Tumblr and this WordPress site. My Tumblr is mostly a fan/appreciation/theorist blog about My Chemical Romance, but I include quite a lot of anarchist politics lately. A casual observer would know that I am not a fan of strict immigration laws or laws as a whole. They may see my thoughts (by way of other people wording them in a more eloquent sense than ‘FTP’) on Thin Blue Line ideology. Who knows? The DSM-VII may not even include gender dysphoria as a mental illness and doctors may not require it for HRT, and I may sound like an old, dumb bigot using the term ‘tucute’. (It is an absolute rabbit hole to research what I am talking about at the moment so I would suggest not looking into it unless you have a hot tea and buckets of patience.) I suppose I am going against the blue-state norm of nodding to every label someone presents themself with or, depending on the day, lying passively in the stream of normative masculinity.

Aside from the politics, of course, there’s the MCR. I re-blog many low-quality pictures of the members and fans together, bits of poetry by the rhythm guitarist, and gifs of high-energy live performances. Who knows if American rock band My Chemical Romance, 2001-2013 will even be recognizable in seventy years, but an observer would know that in this moment they are a large part of my life and inspiration.

A poetic side-blog I run consists of what the internet likes to call ‘retail hell’. Since I work as a corporate clerk/stocker, I know what scum on earth looks like, and sounds like when you didn’t bag the frozen separately. Service is a rapidly growing industry where I am growing up, and working retail is the best way in my book to develop a true sense of empathy. There is also no better way to realize what’s truly important to you and how much you can live without than supporting yourself on a minimum wage.

Who knows what a casual observer (or, God forbid, a police officer) would make of my blog. Unappreciative of where my minimum wage taxes are going? Definitely. Doesn’t know the ‘entire story’ of politics? You bet. Says a bit too much for my own good?


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  1. D.Zhang says:

    I like what you said”There is also no better way to realize what’s truly important to you and how much you can live without than supporting yourself on a minimum wage.” I like your independence and working hard to support yourself . Way to go!


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