“Why Blog?” by Alex Reid: A Reflection

Compose a post reflecting your thoughts about this article and how it relates to what we’ve talked about so far in class, what you know about, your life’s experiences, and any other direction you want to pull this topic.

This article took me what seemed like hours to read. I didn’t quite see how everything the author spoke about was related to the title or had much to do with why a person should blog. This being said, I could relate much to my own experience with blogging in the past.

I appreciated the history of blogging in general and how blogs function today- more specifically, how my blog will function to improve my skills as a writer. Blogs in my mind were given more worth as something more than any other standard social media- blogs are of niche interests. According to the author, blogging requires a certain sense of authority on the subject matter- unlike the vast majority of other social media platforms. Blogs are communities of their own. In addition, the same questions face a blog writer as a paper author: To whom am I writing? What is my purpose in writing to this audience?

The autonomy that a blog provides jumped off the page for me. Finally, a writing assignment that didn’t have to conform to a rigid set of guidelines! This was very inspiring to me as a creative writer without a creative writing course because I am not a huge fan of essays. I drew this back to when I was setting up my blog: I loved being able to choose my own theme, colors, featured pictures, and fonts. A reader’s eyes would be drawn to what I found important. I loved that I could make it my own.

The author simplified much of the technical language of blogging and reflected on how blogging became a more universal hobby- outside of those with strong HTML skills- once larger platforms took over. I found it surprising that Google wasn’t a bit higher on the list, being the platform for many other blogging websites. The importance of reading blogs similar to what you are going for was stressed and I would agree that it is essential; however, a person that only reads what they agree with will not grow as a writer (or, frankly, as a person.)

One question I would have for the author is: as the popularity of blogging expanded, did it become a less personal hobby? Since there are so many blogs out there, is it difficult to make your voice heard?  What are some tricks to making your blog stick out among the oceans of topics and debates? Should an independent blogger join a community or fly solo?


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