“Why Blog?” by Alex Reid: Notes


Key terms and main ideas

Main idea: Blogs focus on the development of becoming a better writer rather than what can be done to earn an ‘A’.

  • “Weblog” became “blog” in 1997, coined by Jorn Barger
  • Blogger: the first blogging application
  • Autonomy: task, technique, time, team

  • Types of assigned blogs
    • Class: students/instructor post on common blog about course content
    • Individual reading/learning: solo blog used to write about topics of the course
    • Class team: teams keep updates on activities
    • Individual: Greatest autonomy- no specific assignments
  • Invention: subject to write about
  • Exigency:
    • Urgency to subject matter
    • Important and reasonable purpose
    • A sense of authority
    • A strong personal interest
    • An audience to give you positive feedback
  • RSS: ‘real simple syndication’
    • A file automatically updated when you post


I appreciated Reid’s perspective as to why blogging is a more helpful and long-lasting format than many other short-lived writing projects assigned in a beginner’s writing course. God knows I’ve grown bored with a writing project simply because it was assigned! His recommendation to look to similar blogs for inspiration was something that I have already been doing- my Tumblr is (mainly) images and text recycled and credited from other people’s blogs.

I have heard the 10,000 hours theory before. It isn’t something I particularly believe in- “expert” can be defined in a multitude of ways. This being said, I do agree that mastering anything will take time and stress.

It is crucial to have a purpose in seriously writing before you go about it- if you are missing your destination, you won’t complete the journey.

Making Connections

There are classes on “How to Write Essays Fast” because no one wants to write another standard essay. I took an AP US history class last year and by the end of it, I never wanted to see another thesis statement! My class of over forty students was given the same prompt and the same format. The format got repetitive, colorless. It would end in a boring grading session for the teacher and hand cramps all around. I find that with blogging, the assignments are kept short and full of ideas, rather than dragging out the same sentence over three lines just to fulfill a page requirement.




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