This site setup went pretty well for me. I’ve worked with blog-making before and find it fun to choose how your website looks by way of color schemes, fonts, and banners.

I really enjoy the “visual vs html” view on the post editing site, and that you can preview posts before posting them. WordPress is not a site I am particularly familiar with; the only platforms I have used are Weebly and Tumblr.

Encountering a few problems is normal when working with a new platform. The layout of the site creator is quite different from others’: for example, there is no free ‘sandbox’ type page where you can drag and drop into your site. While this does keep things organized, it was a bit of a pain to

The first website I made was a photography site on the online website maker This was also for a class project called a Passion Project. We had most of the year to work on this project but as expected most of the class put it off until a week before it was due.

I had worked on my passion project for most of the year. My passion of choice? Photography. I took my parents’ 2003 Nikon camera (affectionately and appropriately  nicknamed “Dino”, being an almost literal fossil of a technology) and photographed one of my friends in various locations along the bike path near our houses. I used multiple free online photo editing platforms, my favorite to this day being PicMonkey, to filter and adjust the lighting on these pictures. The shots turned out pretty well for an amateur with basic software.


After my love of the art was realized by my family, for my fourteenth birthday I was given a Nikon Coolpix W100 that I still use to this day. (Being able to be dropped five meters underwater is very helpful when you’re a klutz with expensive things. I am convinced that the phrase “This is why we can’t have nice things” was spoken for the first time in my home.)

Image result for coolpix camera


credit for the camera that took a picture of this camera


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